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For many years, we have not been paying important attention to our mental health because of a lack of awareness and of support, but thankfully things are beginning to change.

Women like Joy Iseki are rising to help us understand why and how we should take care of our mental and emotional health.


About Joy Iseki

Joy Iseki is a therapist and emotional wellness coach. She works with people to help them recover from emotional pain, trauma and disempowering beliefs, so they can experience authenticity, genuine connection, inner peace and happiness.

She has a wide range of certifications in mental health counselling, behavioural coaching and psychology.


Why She Became A Therapist

People have always felt comfortable telling me about their pains, random people would walk up to me and open up about their life, and tell me I am the only one they have ever told about the situation.

I found it scary, and I thought it was strange. When they talk to me; I speak to them from my heart as led at that moment.  I also comfort them, and sometimes pray with them. This has been my life’s journey for as long as I remember.

I was working in the bank before I resigned to start my own event company, because of my experience in the event industry prior to the banking job. I got some contracts, and I thought I had found a path for myself. Until I experienced my own take of life happens! I think I was becoming overwhelmed with the unpleasant feelings from the recent loss of my parents then.

I knew within me that things were not fine. I would pray and fast, I was seeking help for my inner life.

I wasn’t okay. I felt things weren’t in order but I couldn’t place it. It was also affecting my relationship. I would feel so sad, and moodiness overwhelmed me on some days.

At this time, I started to become more self-aware and realized some beliefs I had about myself were really not helpful. So I started to go in the line of psychology and philosophy and studied particular verses of scripture focused on the mind. I also went for pastoral counselling.

While on that journey, I started to experience self-healing as I dug deeper, and helped myself with God’s leading.

Meanwhile, people would still share their pain with me, and I tried my best to do what I usually felt intuitively led to say. Sometimes, I will just hug them deeply, and we will share some tears together or pray in tongues together.

A close friend suggested that I go to a professional counselling school since I already get people who come to me for emotional support.

I went to a professional counselling school,  I did some courses on different aspects of therapy, and I  went back to the University to study Psychology. I am now on the journey to my complete clinical psychology practice.

And with that, I birthed my consulting firm, Joy Iseki International.


How Her Work Is Changing Lives

Joy Iseki has had physical and virtual sessions with people from different countries.

She helps them explore their thoughts and emotions and develop deeper self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love. This enables them to take control of their lives and make better decisions, and experience inner peace and emotional wellness.

As a mental health advocate, she also uses her platform @healingpathway to share knowledge on mental and emotional health in Nigeria.

She has collaborated with some NGOs in the past to hold conferences and seminar and has been to different media houses to talk about mental health.


Her Advice To Readers

People need to realize that they don’t have to become clinically depressed before they seek therapy or emotional wellness coaching. Once you feel disturbed and anxious about life but you can’t tell why, or you see some unhelpful patterns about your life which you find disempowering, it is okay to seek help before it develops to deeper psychological issues.

I have worked with mostly professional women who take their lives seriously and took charge before they break down, and I am proud of them.

I want more people to be conscious of their mental health and take the necessary care towards it.


Her Books

She has authored some books which are available on her website and Amazon.

To get her latest book titled ‘Becoming: Gaining The Confidence To Live The Life That Is True To You’ go to or contact her @africatherapist to get copies delivered to you in Nigeria.

You can visit her website at to read free blog posts on mental health and emotional wellness.


To Get In Touch Or Book A Counselling Session

IG: @africatherapist

Twitter: @africatherapist

Facebook: Joy Iseki International.


Phone: +2348061551796





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