Maryam Olajumoke Belgore Is Using The Little She Has To Make Huge Impact In The Lives Of Those In Need



It is so easy to fold our arms and close our eyes to the needs of other people around us because we think we don’t have enough. To change the world, we need to start with what we have because there is always something we can give and there is always someone around us in need.

Maryam Olajumoke Belgore is one woman who is using the little she has to make a huge impact and bring hope to the lives of those in need.


About Maryam Olajumoke Belgore

Maryam Olajumoke Belgore is the Founder of Maryam Onikijipa Belgore Foundation (M.O.B). She is a writer, fashion enthusiast, podcaster and motivational speaker. She is also a philanthropist with an intriguing passion for answering humanitarian calls at all times.


M.O.B Foundation

M.O.B Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organization that firmly dedicates its time, money and resources to solve basic humanitarian problems and challenges in our society.

They are on a mission to bring hope to the deprived and destitute and immensely promoting the betterment of the general populace.

They have various services and initiatives in the organization’s agenda for the purpose of improving the living standard of people, especially the widows and single mothers, children, young girls, and generally people in abject poverty.


Programmes & Initiatives

Here are some of the programmes being presently carried out by the M.O.B Foundation.

» Empowerment of Women – They empower many widows and single mothers to create their own economic stability and to sustain their families.

» Educational Grants and Resources – They provide educational scholarships/materials for children.

» M.O.B Stargirl Initiative  – They provide free sanitary towels to young underprivileged girls.

» M.O.B Foodbank – They address hunger and food problems in society by providing food solutions to the underprivileged.


Some achievement so far

» Provision of sanitary towels for a period of one year for randomly selected girls on a monthly basis.

» The foundation has fed over 15,000 people.

» Over 500 pupils in public schools have received scholarships.

» Several grants have been given to widows and single mothers for empowerment.

» The foundation has reached out to so many internally displaced persons in different camps in Abuja and has touched lives in many states in Nigeria, including Kwara, Kano, Lagos Kaduna, and Abuja.

M.O.B has  also attended several seminars and summits propagating the advancement of stability in our environment and sustainability


Awards & Recognition

Below are some of the awards and recognition Maryam has received:

» Winner, Maya Awards for the Humanitarian Award 2017

» Winner, Maya Awards for Female Humanitarian Award 2018

» Nominee, Cool Wealth Awards Humanitarian of the year 2020

» Ambassador for Youth and Entrepreneurship Development (conferred by Young Entrepreneur International Summit And Awards)



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