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Spirit Husbands And Wives. Do They Really Exist?

I heard something rather interesting from someone yesterday. She told me about her friend who lost her husband just two weeks after their wedding....
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They Said She Is Too Fat To Get A Husband But She Got One Of The Best!

They said I was too fat and only slim girls get husbands, lmao but look at me…there is someone for everyone, you only have...
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Orijin Will Make You Forget You Are Single!

I have been seeing the hastag Orijin all over my twitter timeline, I had thought ‘This guy should calm down with these hastag. It...
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How Do You Get A Guy To Ask You Out? Watch Miss Wanawana Answer This On Always Fix-it-Daily

You like him, you know he probably likes you too, but he has not asked you out! What to do? Watch Miss Wanawana’s tips...
Happy African American Man & Woman Couple
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15 Things To Do With Your Loved Ones This Valentine

No matter how old you are or how long you’ve been together, Valentine’s Day still has the tendency to bring out the romance in everyone....
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35 Years Old And Still Unmarried. How Do I Cope With The Pressure?

Read more interesting relationship articles by Seyi Obasi on her column on Woman.NG – Before & After It’s Monday morning and here I was...
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Women Say Yes, Men Say No. Here Is The Question Asked

After watching the video below, I was highly amused and intrigued by the fact that every single guy in the video answered in the...
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Is Friendship With Your Ex A Good Idea Or A Disaster Just Waiting To Happen?

So your boyfriend or girlfriend finally left you? Or maybe you were the one that left them Whatever. It happens Not all relationships work...
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This Is The Biggest Problem Facing Marriages, No It Is Not Infidelity

In a recent seminar, relationship guru and media favourite Hellen Chen discussed marital problems with a group of singles and couples, pointing out how most of...
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Single Mum Shares Why Her Nude Photos Were Published By Boyfriend On WhatsApp

Olabomi Ojuade’s naked photos were published on  WhatsApp by her Dublin boyfriend Ifedayo Peter Atkinson. In an interview with Africa World, she talks about...