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“Nigerian Women Need Affection Not Romance”…Ladies, Do You Agree?

Yesterday, when I took my kids out for some pizza and ice-cream, I bumped into a friend’s husband. He was having a meal (not...
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What Does It Mean To Marry A Man With Potential? Watch Nigerians Discuss

Marry a man with potential. If you are a single girl, chances are you’ve heard this piece of wisdom repeated time and time again....
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3 Things To Do If You Love Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back.

Hey lovelies! Do you love someone who doesn’t love you back?  Then I have an interesting topic for you today: Unrequited Love. Ever since...
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#BlastFromThePast: Valentine’s Day 2005

Should you want something just so that you  can be on an equal footing with other people, regardless of whether having it is suitable...
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WATCH: Date Gone Bad! Why It Is Important To Understand Your Local Language.

They met, they like each other, they sat to have a date. He made a phone call and everything changed! Watch this hilarious video...
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White Shorts and Camp Nights: An NYSC Tale

Everything they say about NYSC camp is true. For three weeks, you may forget your name. Forget your school. Forget your accent even. Most...
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A Guide To Confident Dating

Being nervous on a first date is certainly not uncommon. It can even add a bit of excitement to the evening. However, too much...
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When Someone Who Loves You Suddenly Doesn’t Anymore

I slept late last night, which is nothing new. I sleep late every night. Last night however, was different.  Let me explain. The past...
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Ripe For Marriage? These May Be Signs.

Editor’s Note: I didn’t have the luxury of self-discovering my ‘ripeness’ for marriage. With a mother like mine who needs signs to be reminded...
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Is Society Fair To Single, Independent Women?

In traditional African culture women are presumed to be submissive and dependent on men for survival and relevance. This is what some of our...