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Single Mum Shares Why Her Nude Photos Were Published By Boyfriend On WhatsApp

Olabomi Ojuade’s naked photos were published on  WhatsApp by her Dublin boyfriend Ifedayo Peter Atkinson. In an interview with Africa World, she talks about...
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This Is What I Want To Say When People Ask “Why Are You Still Single?”

People sure know how to ask stupid questions really. But as a single person, with time you will become fodder for oodles of stupidity...
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Vlogger Tells Women To Stay With Men That Beat Them Because It Is A Sign Of True Love

In a video blog that has now gone viral, Romina Garcia advises young girls to stay with men who hit them because physical violence...
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Love Him, But Love Him With Sense

Love him yes, but love him with sense. Yes I think I heard this one right. The first still small voice I’ve heard in...
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Why Exactly Do Some Good Girls Like Bad Boys?

You might have seen the video posted by TMZ of American Footballer, Ray Rice, punching his then-fiancée (now wife) in the head, rendering her...
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The Love Story of a Unilag Babe and Bus Conductor

By Roy Ofili for Something interesting happened on my way to Oshodi this morning. At the park this rough mean-looking conductor also known...
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Spirit Husbands And Wives. Do They Really Exist?

I heard something rather interesting from someone yesterday. She told me about her friend who lost her husband just two weeks after their wedding....
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Is Infidelity Inevitable In Nigerian Marriages?

We have all heard stuffs like these gazillion times; “This is Africa, all men cheat. It’s their nature” “Which man on the surface of...
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Single Lagos Babe: 5 Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone

Breaking up is never easy, it is quite difficult to come up with ways to do it, But remember that they also leave a...
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IT HAPPENED TO ME: She Fired Me Before Hiring Me…. Because Of Her Husband

I attended my family’s church one Sunday with my folks and typical of African parents, they insisted I should hang around after service and...