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Editor’s Note: Hard Times Come Again No More

Shola Okubote I shouldn’t be in here tonight, I should be out there having fun and being grateful for all the many blessings life...
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Editor’s Note: I Already Have Everything I Need For 2015

One of my favourite things in 2014 is Nashville, an American musical drama TV series.  I find the complex relationship between Rayna Jaymes and...
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Cervical Cancer: 20 Minutes Can Save Your Life!

For two years I received periodic letters from my GP advising me on the importance of going for a cervical cancer screening test, I...
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What Goes Around Comes Back Around, I Learned The Hard Way

By Shola Okubote We all talk about other people behind their backs but until we become a victim of backstabbing we will never know...
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Soulful Sunday: Your Sin is Bigger Than Mine!

Even her prison cell could testify to her remorse, she spoke few words, and threw no tantrums, instead she prayed for forgiveness all day....
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These Stories Will Make You Rethink Your Life

Femme Lounge has published hundreds of articles this year, some have made me smile, some have made me think, and some have made me...
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Don’t Be Fast To Judge What You Know Nothing About!

By Shola Okubote Many times things are exactly as bad as we think they are, and maybe even more than we can imagine, but...
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Tell Your Sons Too Not To Rape

Mark’s friends said they were not surprised he had raped his girlfriend, since he learned from his uncle that ‘’when women say no, what...
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SheSaidThis: There Is No Article, No Book That Can Explain The Complexities Of A Single Marriage

By Shola Okubote I had a friend who is obsessed with other people’s marriages. For every couple we know, this friend has a theory...
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Is One-Sided Open Marriages The Key To Marital Bliss For Some Nigerian Women?

  A well-known Nigerian celebrity couple was being interviewed on a TV programme recently and the man was asked why he chose his wife....