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How I Learned How To Keep Secrets The Hard Way

The Merriam-webster dictionary defines a secret as a fact or piece of information that is kept hidden from other people. That is clear enough right? So,...
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Is Friendship With Your Ex A Good Idea Or A Disaster Just Waiting To Happen?

So your boyfriend or girlfriend finally left you? Or maybe you were the one that left them Whatever. It happens Not all relationships work...
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The ‘Other Woman’ Is Not Really The Enemy You Need To Fight

“…She’s throwing herself at me” “She’s the one chasing me”, a girl hears this lame excuse from her man and she turns her attention...
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Vlogger Tells Women To Stay With Men That Beat Them Because It Is A Sign Of True Love

In a video blog that has now gone viral, Romina Garcia advises young girls to stay with men who hit them because physical violence...
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How Twins Separated At Birth Were Reunited On Facebook After 25 Years

(CNN) Identical twin sisters didn’t know the other existed for the first 25 years of their lives. They connected via Facebook in a modern-day...
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This Is The Truth You Should Know About Office Romance

Have you ever caught yourself smiling sheepishly after your boss walked out of the room? Have you ever admired a work colleague and then...

4 Reasons Why Women Should Date Other Women

By Waiki Harnais Last year, I was asked out on a few dates* by women; some of whom were pretty much strangers. It was...
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The Truth About Tiwa Savage – Her Career, Family & Marriage To Tee Billz

In this exclusive interview with Olisa Adibua, Tiwa Savage talks about everything!
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When We Share Close Friendship With Another Person’s Spouse, Where Should We Draw The Line?

 By Nkechi Ajayi Dinner – Check Dishes – Check Doors – Check Trash – Check All that was left was a nice warm shower and...
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Who Loves You?

The other day I watched Oprah’s Next Chapter interview with 50 Cent. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed the interview, 50 is a cool...