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5 Simple Ways I Have Learned To Live Life Without Regrets

Let’s say you had a vision and suddenly became aware that tomorrow would be the last day of your life. Would you have any...
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If They Could See Your Scars, Will They See You?

Growing up, I completely disliked playing rough, I would always try to ensure that I played without running or jumping to avoid getting any...
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For All Those We Have Lost To Sickle Cell Anaemia

June 19th is the World’s Sickle Cell Day, in recognition of this we are are re-publishing this piece by Mofolushade Osinaike from our archive....
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5 Friends With Benefits Every Naija Woman Must Have

Whether you accept it or not, most people are looking out for what is beneficial to them. There is no harm in doing that....
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My Husband is a Compulsive Liar

I know many people lie from time to  time, but my husband is a compulsive liar. Telling lies has become a way of live...

Your Mood Swings Can Cost You These

I was at a friend’s house some years back, and I noticed one of her sisters was just unnecessarily paranoid, throwing tantrums, cussing out at...
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How I Learned How To Keep Secrets The Hard Way

The Merriam-webster dictionary defines a secret as a fact or piece of information that is kept hidden from other people. That is clear enough right? So,...
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Martina Ononiwu Decries Inhumane Treatment Of Africans In Malaysia | Shares Personal Experience

Martina Ononiwu is an African woman living in Malaysia, in the video below she expresses her displeasure at  how Africans are mistreated in Malaysia,...

Not Everyone Who Say “I Am Fine” Is Actually Fine

Today at work, I was heading away from my desk and saw a co-worker. I asked, “How are you?” and he basically shrugged in...
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How To Know When Your Friend Is Not Really A Friend

I love having them. We all love having them. They are fun to be with. They make the world go round. They help us...