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Only Few Nigerian Teachers Can Do What This Woman Did!

Nigeria has continued to witness huge decline in the state of public educational institutions, especially the primary and secondary schools. Frustrated students, parents and...
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You And Your Househelps!

In recent weeks, I’ve been coming across some articles and blog posts that discuss the topic of housemaids, usually in negative situations. Those articles...
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5 Things You Need To Know Before You Share Your Sexy Photos

While a fun and playful practice between consenting, connected adults, sharing sexy photos between smart phones should be approached with care – as many...
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7 Ways To Become A More Intelligent Woman

Not everyone can afford going to college, but everyone can afford learning. Sources of information, educational videos, audio and printed materials can be obtained...
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I Am Allowed To Pick My Nose, But You Are Not

A guy I had just met at work went with me to get some groceries on my way home, while I was waiting on the queue...
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WATCH: 10 Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing In Your 30s

In the latest episode of The Ngee Show, Ngozi shares 10 things we should all stop doing in our 30s. Some of them are...

To Lend People Money Is Human, To Collect It Is Divine!

By Bimbola Segun-Amao My brother tweeted this some days back and I laughed hard and then stated that it was a painful bad truth....
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VIDEO: Nigerian Policeman Caught Assaulting Woman Because of Fish!

  Tafa Mohammed, a Police Officer in Lagos was caught on camera brutalizing people on the street and threatening some women with his gun. He...
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Hugging in the Workplace: FOR WOMEN

Reality check time: Not everyone works in an office environment where people actually have meetings and act professional and shake hands and/or hug. In...
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Lape Soetan: How To Handle Traffic In Lagos.

If I really knew how to handle traffic in Lagos, I would be a millionaire by now from all the books sold and workshops...