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“Parenting is Tough” – A Nigerian Father’s Perspective

Chances are that you have wandered through the Parenting section of a book store, and seen books such as “Easy Parenting” or “Parenting Basics”...
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Some Of The Funniest Reasons Kids Cry ….LOL! Many Mums Will Understand

Kids are loving and cute. Whether you are their mother or aunty, you’ve likely had to deal with moments when they cry for some...
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This Nigerian Man’s Facebook Post About Being A Woman Is Getting ALL The Likes

Some times, being a woman in Nigeria is quite a task. You are subjected to absurd societal norms, by men…. and other women. Many...
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We Remember Awele Ivie Nwosu And 3.4 Million Nigerians Suffering From Sickle Cell Anaemia

Small but mighty Awele left a great footprint in the sand of life. At 25, Awele was a master’s degree holder with a determination...
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Dirty Fight Ke? Patience Ozokwor and Onyeka Onwenu Deny Fued Over Access To Mr President

Two weeks ago there were media reports that actress Patience Jonathan and the Director General of the National Centre for Women Development, Onyeka Onwenu...
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5 Friends With Benefits Every Naija Woman Must Have

Whether you accept it or not, most people are looking out for what is beneficial to them. There is no harm in doing that....
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Why You Should Never Discuss Your Sex Life With Friends | Ariyike Shares Fan’s Story

Do you like discussing your partner’s sexual performance with friends? Ariyike Akinbobola has some advice for you, in this episode of her Vlog, she...
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British Home Office Says Aderonke Apata Can’t Be A Lesbian Because She Has Children

  Ms Apata is a Nigerian Lesbian and gay right campaigner seeking asylum in the UK for fear of being deported to Nigeria, where she believes...
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Be Prepared! Here Are Some Security Tips To Keep You Safe During Your NYSC

Another NYSC mobilization is around the corner, if you are getting ready for your NYSC experience, here are some security tips from Adaku Flora...
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My Healthy Eating Journey

I and the hubby have been working out lately at the gym and trying to eat healthy because when it comes to food, we...