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Dish Washing: Do You Wash As You Use Or Pile Up Till Later?

As petty this sounds, I have heard about quarrels dish washing has caused. This is a task carried out mostly by females and few males...
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NEPA OR NOT: 11 Foods You Should Not Refrigerate

Here is a list of foods that you should absolutely not refrigerate. With all the food advice available through internet and the media, its...
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Horrifying Stories Of Women Who Went Looking For Miracles At The ‘Synagogue’

Following the recent building collapse at the Synagogue Church Of All Nations, many controversial stories about Prophet Joshua and his church  are being revealed....
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Female Survivor Of Synagogue Building Collapse Narrates Her Ordeal

Lagos (AFP) – Lying in the rubble of the guesthouse, only able to tell if it was night or day through a tiny crack,...
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Joy Inyamu Akut: Why Are The Goodies In Your ”Bottom Box”?

I try to shop as much as I can whenever I travel, thus I have a good number of beautiful outfits. Lovely dresses; red...
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The Ripple Effect Of Just One Mistake

What happen when I have made a mistake? What is the impact? Who will suffer from the consequences? To answer this question, we need...
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Life Lessons From 10 Of The Most Inspirational Women

In the past, women in high-level positions were few and far between. But now, more than ever, there are more women making their way...
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Is This What The Modern Nigerian Bride’s Engagement List Will Look Like?

  In the days of old, engagement list items were fairly static, but perhaps differing in quantity and maybe quality. You would see the...
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You Failed. And So What???

I am absolutely in love with the story told so passionately by Martina McBride in her song   – A Broken Wing, the message is...
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Say Goodbye To “Headache Friends”

Happy Monday guys! Today I want to warn you about people I like to call “headache friends”. You know who I’m talking about, you...