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9 Ways To Prevent Your Breasts From Sagging Too Soon

Most women worry about losing the youthful look of their breasts, and possibly ending with sagging breasts. Understanding the sensitivity of the skin around...
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#WomanCrushWednesday Dr. Olubunmi Ode – The Woman Taking Care Of Nigeria’s Seriously Sick Infants And Children

What is there not to love about Bunmi Ode? She is a Pediatric Intensivist – a doctor who takes care of seriously ill infants...
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How To Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk With Armpit Cleansing

Cosmetic products like toxic deodorants, body washes, soaps, and other ‘beauty’ treatments are causing greater numbers of breast cancer (though mainstream breast cancer ‘awareness’...
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She’s Pretty, She’s Young, She’s Got Cancer!

You’re too young for breast cancer, my doctor told me in a most confident tone when I pointed out the lump in my right...
kemi adetiba
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9 Questions For Kemi Adetiba On Surviving Fibroids

Multi-talented and beautiful music video director and Film maker, Kemi Adetiba, recently opened up about her past struggle with Fibroids. First things first –...
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For All Those We Have Lost To Sickle Cell Anaemia

June 19th is the World’s Sickle Cell Day, in recognition of this we are are re-publishing this piece by Mofolushade Osinaike from our archive....
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#WomenWhoCook: How To Make Coconut Milk Biscuit

It’s funny how I file all my baking therapies in the “Not Really A Baker” category. Well I love to cook and sometimes it...
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6 Things Your Vaginal Discharge Is Trying To Tell You

Like most women with other things going on in your life, you probably don’t give your vaginal discharge much thought. As long as it looks...
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My Healthy Eating Journey

I and the hubby have been working out lately at the gym and trying to eat healthy because when it comes to food, we...

How I Get My Belly Flat With This 10 Minute Exercise Every Morning. It’s So Simple!

Okay ladies honestly, if you can’t do anything all day because you are in school or at work all day, or if you’re just...