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For All Those We Have Lost To Sickle Cell Anaemia

June 19th is the World’s Sickle Cell Day, in recognition of this we are are re-publishing this piece by Mofolushade Osinaike from our archive....
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#WomenWhoCook: How To Make Coconut Milk Biscuit

It’s funny how I file all my baking therapies in the “Not Really A Baker” category. Well I love to cook and sometimes it...
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6 Things Your Vaginal Discharge Is Trying To Tell You

Like most women with other things going on in your life, you probably don’t give your vaginal discharge much thought. As long as it looks...
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My Healthy Eating Journey

I and the hubby have been working out lately at the gym and trying to eat healthy because when it comes to food, we...

How I Get My Belly Flat With This 10 Minute Exercise Every Morning. It’s So Simple!

Okay ladies honestly, if you can’t do anything all day because you are in school or at work all day, or if you’re just...
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7 Things You Have To STOP Doing If You Want A Flat Tummy

If you want to have a flat stomach, you’re not just going to get it by sitting down and complaining about your weight. You’re...
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Lagos Hospital Allegedly Called Pastor To Resurrect Woman After Their Negligence Led To Her Death

Semako Hunpe has sued a Prema Sai Hospital in Lagos for alleged incompetence and negligence that led to death of his wife during childbirth....
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5 Ways I Lose Weight Fast Without Counting Calories

Here are just a couple of healthy and conscious choices I make throughout the day to lose weight. These are just things that you...

How To Lose Weight In Nigeria Even With A Busy Schedule

You don’t have time to lose weight, because of your busy schedule and getting caught in the heavy traffic, or you don’t have access...
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Nigerian Women Will Now Have Access To Injectable Contraceptives

NEW YORK, N.Y., November 13 – Pfizer Inc., the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) today announced an...