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The Doctor & The Engineer! My Big Nigerian Wedding Winners’ Love Story & Exciting Pre-wedding Photos

Noye & Emmanuel are the winners of WED Expo’s My Big Nigerian Wedding Season 2 (Lagos) contest. This is the same competition won by...

Indigo Tongues Features Tosin ‘Ayanbirin’ Olakanye

Indigo Tongues is an interview series with trailblazers from Africa and the diaspora, in the “Women in Music” series, Moji Sonoiki speaks with Ayanbinrin,...

Pleasure Or Pressure? Toke Makinwa Has Some Advice For You About Sex

Why do we rarely talk about something many of us love so much? In this episode of Toke Makinwa’s vlog, she dispels some myths...

Glory Edozien’s Personal Survival Guide For Unconventional Families

I find we can be a little too judgmental. We make harsh, sweeping generalizations without any understanding of the peculiarities of a situation. My...

4 Lessons I Learned From The Hijack Of The ‘So You Think You Can Cook’ Facebook Group

Well, now that the dust is settled. We can step back and look at the lessons we can learn from this event.
portrait of a father with his son (10-14) and daughter (8-10)

Lessons Every Nigerian Man Should Learn From My Father’s Death

Looking at him as he whispered with the left side of the mouth on his hospital bed, we all prayed. He was sick, and...
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#WomenInPhilanthropy: An Extended Interview With Jennifer Douglas Abubakar, Founder of Gede Foundation

We sat down with Jennifer Douglas Abubakar, the founder of Gede Foundation and wife of Nigeria’s former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, for an extended...

#SheSaidThis: “I Don’t Know Everything, But I Know What It’s Like To Dislike What You See In The Mirror” – Michelle Dede

Not many women find it easy to accept themselves and be confident with how they look, there’s always something about our bodies we will...

36 Super Chic Ways To Wear A Headscarf

Next time you are having a bad hair day, do not fret. Dig into your closet for a lovely headscarf and rock one of...

Naija Single Girl: You Broke Nigerian Girls Need To Chill, Bridal Shower Is Not By Force!

Recently, in my course of ‘blogwhoring’ some entertainment and fashions blogs, the images I see from bridal shower events aroused my curiosity. Photos of...