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British Home Office Says Aderonke Apata Can’t Be A Lesbian Because She Has Children

  Ms Apata is a Nigerian Lesbian and gay right campaigner seeking asylum in the UK for fear of being deported to Nigeria, where she believes...
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Nigerian-Austrian Singer OMATU Drops New EP named ‘Melancholody’

It is not that often we get a new and refreshing sound of music that captures our inner ears, Omatu the Nigerian Austrian singer...

Chimamanda Adichie Shows What She’s Wearing For One Month On

This March, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is showing what she is wearing every day for one month on Vogue’s ‘Today I’m Wearing’ photo diary. In her...

Is This Why Seyi Shay Wore That Dress To Meet The President?

In case you missed it, Seyi Shay has been trending on Twitter for wearing what many think is inappropriate to meet President Jonathan. She...
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Is Being The Submissive Wife Really Worth It?

Have you attended a wedding lately? Then you must have heard the pastor or priest admonishing the bride to be submissive to her husband....

Six Women Writers Tell Us What Their Typical Writing Days Look Like

In our WomenWhoWrite series, we interviewed some amazing female writers and when asked what a typical writing day looks like for them, here is...

Obiageli Ezekwesili Responds To AIG Of Police “Kill 20 Civilians For Every One Police Killed” Statement

Former Minister of Education and VP of the World Bank, Dr Oby Ezekwesili has addressed Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Joseph Mbu, over his recent...

“She’s Like The State Department And The National Institute Of Health All Rolled Into One” – President Obama Talks About Nigerian-American Saheela Ibraheem

A 19-year-old  Nigerian-American woman, Saheela Ibraheem has been honoured by  the US President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama during Black History Month. Saheela got...

Joke Jacobs: It Is Not Difficult To Find Female Role Models, You See Her Early In The Morning With A Child Strapped To Her Back Selling Puff Puff….

Ynaija posted a photo of Joke Jacobs on their Instagram page last week, and a male fan dropped a comment saying; “@ajokesilva ….In a...

What Will You Do If You See A Baby Crying By The Roadside Alone?

I just read the story of a lady who saved a man on the side walk on Victoria Island on your page and I...