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Now Is The Time To Stop Telling Your Pity Party Stories!

I hear many stories throughout the day. My clients tell me stories of their childhood, recent break-up, new love interest, or the latest tragedy...
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The Grass Is Greenest Only Where It Has Been Watered

Mary is in church again today looking as gorgeous as ever; she wears a  6 inch Louboutin heels like they don’t hurt her feet...
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This Is What Lara George Does When She Feels Like Giving Up

Many women are familiar with this feeling, when things are just not working like you want them to  and after a long, hard try...
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Those Who Seem Most Unlikely To Get It Right Sometimes Do 

I have spent lots of sleepless nights thinking about my life and future; and for the better part of my adult years I have...
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What Doesn’t Kill Me Had Better Start Running!

I am sure most of us have experienced loneliness, heart breaks, losing friends (who are not dead), broken dreams and the likes. There’s no...
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Why I Wonder What The Younger Ones See When They Look At Me

As a child, I always wondered what type of adult I will be. I use to observe every aunt and adult females around me....
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Personally, These Are 4 Things That Will Never Bother Me About Life

Sometimes we find ourselves worrying and bothering about things that we shouldn’t pay so much or any attention to at all.  I will like...
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These Are The 18 Shocking Truths Life Has Taught Me

I made a list of some of the shocking truths life has taught me just in case anyone out there would learn something from...
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No Human Can Love You As You Can Love Yourself

I always say that no human can love you as wholly and completely as you can love yourself. Too many things happen to different...
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She Turned Her Mess Into A Message And Makes Money Doing What She Loves

By Tiphani Montgomery I was that girl. The one who dreamed impossible dreams, despite my reality showing me cold hard facts of why it...