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Couple Talking Over Bills
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Are You A Victim of Financial Infidelity?

Mrs Obaro’s husband has been unfaithful to her for years and she never suspected. He has not been with another woman, not with a...
lola and peter okoye
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INSTRAGRAM STYLE: Lola & Peter Okoye Cover Motherhood In-Style Magazine

The beautiful Lola Omotayo is joined by her superstar husband, Peter Okoye (One half of the multi-award winning duo – P-Square) and their adorable...
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Do These THREE Things If You Want To KILL Your Relationship!

By Seyi Obasi If you are in a relationship right now, I am assuming you want the relationship to blossom, right? Unfortunately a lot...

This Is Why People Change After Marriage?

Imagine you saw a lovely leather shoes that you’ve always wanted in a store, you put them on and walked around the store to...
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Women In Kaduna Claim Toxic Wastes From Refinery Is Making Their Husbands Impotent

A group of women from Mararaba Rido, Kaduna State, were reportedly gathered at the NDA Junction in Kaduna to protest their husbands’ inability to...
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This Couple’s Unconditional Love Despite Life’s Difficulties Will Make You Cry

  “Sacrifice may sound awful, but it is one of the purest ways to show love to someone. Saying “I love you” is good,...

Watch These Six Couples Share Their Young Lasting Love Stories

In this beautiful video produced by the Natural Hair Academy, six young black couples share their love stories. From how they met to marriage...
Happy African American Man & Woman Couple
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15 Things To Do With Your Loved Ones This Valentine

No matter how old you are or how long you’ve been together, Valentine’s Day still has the tendency to bring out the romance in everyone....
Domestic violence victim
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“It Was A Marriage Built On Faith But Destroyed By Abuse” – Justina Ebede Shares Her Horrible Domestic Violence Experience

Justina Ebede a Nollywood actress based in Maryland, USA has shared her experience as a victim of domestic violence. She married a man she...
no sex
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I Hate Sex, I Do It As A Wifely Duty, Nothing Else!

I hate Sex! “I hate sex,” Lola bursted out. “I don’t enjoy it one bit and I’ve been married for 10 years. Frankly, I...