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Women Say Yes, Men Say No. Here Is The Question Asked

After watching the video below, I was highly amused and intrigued by the fact that every single guy in the video answered in the...

Why You Should Marry Someone From A Similar Background

Lately, I have been giving a lot of thought to the issue of marriage. Perhaps it’s the fact that my brother recently got married,...
All The Single Ladies!, Marriage

This Is The Biggest Problem Facing Marriages, No It Is Not Infidelity

In a recent seminar, relationship guru and media favourite Hellen Chen discussed marital problems with a group of singles and couples, pointing out how most of...
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The ‘Other Woman’ Is Not Really The Enemy You Need To Fight

“…She’s throwing herself at me” “She’s the one chasing me”, a girl hears this lame excuse from her man and she turns her attention...
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Top 20 Ways To Know The ‘Honeymoon’ Is Over

Not all honeymoons last forever! In fact, not all marriages last forever! Sad. Marriages are supposed to be forever, right? So why do so...
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Dear Husbands, Why Help Your Whole Village When You Haven’t Paid Your Own Rent?

I don’t understand these our Nigerian men again! I have observed that a lot of our husbands put other people first before their immediate...

Why I Was So Sure Sharing A Bed Forever Will Be The Most Uncomfortable Thing

FUN FACT: About 10 years ago, I couldn’t fathom sharing a bed with anyone – not even a husband. Yeah yeah yeah, I was...
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Single Mum Shares Why Her Nude Photos Were Published By Boyfriend On WhatsApp

Olabomi Ojuade’s naked photos were published on  WhatsApp by her Dublin boyfriend Ifedayo Peter Atkinson. In an interview with Africa World, she talks about...

One In Eight Women Admitted Concealing Money From Their Partner

A new report by Lloys Bank has revealed that one in ten people do not tell their loved ones about all of their savings,...
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10 Lessons You Can Learn From My Failed Relationship

When Ibrahim and I met up at Ikeja Mall some weeks ago, it was to discuss work. But after the meeting, we found ourselves...