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‘No! Don’t Touch Me There’ – Pastor Nomthi Odukoya’s New Book Empowers Children To Confront Any Form Of Abuse

  Pastor Nomthi Odukoya’s new book “No! Don’t touch me there” addresses early education, and enlightenment for children on parts of their bodies and how...
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In The Kids’ World, Women Don’t Get Hit! Video Shows Reactions Of Boys Told To Slap A Girl

A heartwarming new video has proven once again that older doesn’t necessarily mean wiser. An Italian video journalist called Luca Lavarone conducted a social experiment with children on...
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My Advice To Sleep-Deprived Working New Mums

As someone with entrepreneurial dreams, full time working mum of two, currently still breastfeeding my baby, sleep is low on availability in my life....
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28 Internet Acronyms Every Parent Should Know

After you read this list, you will likely start looking at your teen’s texts in a whole new way. 1. IWSN – I want sex now...
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It Is Not Witchcraft! This Is Why The 4-Year-Old Girls Developed Breast So Early

A photo of a little girl of about 3 or 4 years with grown breast surfaced online last week. The photo was reportedly taken in a village...
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“You Don’t Know Why People Are Doing What They’re Doing” – Pregnant Woman Blasts Anti-Abortion Activists

A group of anti-abortion activists were stationed outside a clinic in London on Wednesday and protesting and filming when a pregnant woman passing by...
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Can You Postpone Motherhood For Your Career? These Women Explain Why They Did

Baby, baby stay away, you can come another year, busy momma wants to work. From celebrities to the woman next door, this seems to...
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Another Nanny From Hell Caught On Camera Abusing A Child In Kenya

While we are still in shock over the horrific beating of a child by an Ugandan nanny, a mother in Kenya has also released the...
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Ferguson Shooting: African-American Mothers On How To Explain Racism And Injustice To Their Children

There has been a lot of global reaction to  the shooting of Micheal Brown, an 18 –year-old black man by Daren Wilson, a white...
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Dear Mum, Does Yelling Make Your Children Do What You Want?

Trust me I am a great mother I do my best to be a super mother to my kids, but being a human being...