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OUTSPOKEN: You Can’t Be Over 20 Years Old And Still Keep Blaming Your Parents Over The Way You Turned Out

Just in case you are over 20 years old and you still complain bitterly about your parents and you still say stuff like: “My...
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Church Conversations: My Pastor’s Calling Is Not Greater Than Mine

Kemi: Hey Grace! How are you doing? Grace: I am fine o, hope you are enjoying the new week. We didn’t see you at...
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Are You Wearing An Exploited Woman’s Hair That Has Been Sacrificed To Idols?

Brazilian hair! Peruvian hair! Indian hair! Mongolian hair! If you don’t own Brazilian hair, you don’t ‘belong’. Some girls do unbelievable things to get hair....
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Dear Husbands, Why Help Your Whole Village When You Haven’t Paid Your Own Rent?

I don’t understand these our Nigerian men again! I have observed that a lot of our husbands put other people first before their immediate...

OUTSPOKEN: What’s With All The Boobs In Glo 3-in-1 Multi-Recharge Advert?

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with women being beautiful and having sex appeal, sometimes advertisers take the “sex sells” just too far. That is...

Dear City Boy, Are You In Love With Ada-Ada Or Omalicha? Be Warned!

I still hold in high regard young men who journey eastwards, crossing the River Niger bridge, making it towards Onitsha and its neighbouring towns...

Is Olamide’s ‘Story For The Gods’ Song Recommending Rape?

Sahara Reporters published an article by Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri on November 27, claiming that Olamide’s new song titled ‘Story For The Gods’ may be...
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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Be Intimated By People’s Lives On Social Media

I was recently discussing social media with my friend and told her “Man, social media can be one hella oppressive place”. And this is...
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Personally, These Are 4 Things That Will Never Bother Me About Life

Sometimes we find ourselves worrying and bothering about things that we shouldn’t pay so much or any attention to at all.  I will like...

What Hinders A Woman Is Not Her Sex, But Her Poor Mind & Ignorant Soul

I was nine and in my fifth year in elementary school when one day, out of curiosity, I pulled out my mother’s Longman Dictionary of...