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OUTSPOKEN: The Stupidity and Foolishness of Social Media

  I am finding it really hard to understand the nonsense going on around social media now, especially Instagram, as many people complain. The...
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OUTSPOKEN: Why I Became Annoyed While Reading Bolatito Ladoja-Idakula’s Touching Note About The Loss Of Her Daughter

I came across a touching note written by Bolatito Ladoja-Idakula who lost her daughter at birth.  I was quite emotional as I read the...
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My Top 10 Business & Social Media Pet Peeves

Once in a while, I rant on twitter – not because I’m genuinely angry about something, but because it’s good to vent and share....
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OUTSPOKEN: Let’s Keep The Gay Marriage Rights Laws Away From Our Shores – Adesuwa Onyenokwe

When it comes to the human desires our bodies can be traitors and take pleasure from even the most bizarre, depending how far we...
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THREE Things Teachers Need To Understand About Learning

In primary school I hated mathematics; it was the one subject that made me feel dumb. It’s commonly said that if you had to...

OUTSPOKEN: The Big Question Is How Do You Educate The Generation Z?

I come from the best of worlds, the creative and strategic. My mum a creative entrepreneur and my dad a management consultant exposed me...
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OUTSPOKEN: Of What Use Is A Nicely Packaged Food If It Tastes Badly? Of What Use Is A Sexy Girl With Bad Attitude?

Over the weekend, I had an awesome meeting with an elderly friend whom I spoke to about my burning desires and passion to be...

For Those In Doubt, Here Is The Truth About The Sexual Offences Bill

The Sexual Offences Bill sponsored by Senator Chris Anyanwu was passed by the Senate on Wednesday. According to her, the Sexual Offences Bill; Seeks...
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Ladies, Should We Advocate For Days Off Or Less Work When Aunty Flo Visits?

  Jumai couldn’t stand the pain, she had woken up with a sore back and a more painful lower abdomen. ‘Am I dying?’ she...

OUTSPOKEN: Beauty Pageants And Their Twisted Standards

Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder; so why do I have to look into the eyes of a group of...