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Seyi Obasi: Wishing Others Would Fail Is Not A Strategy For Success

Imagine this! It’s the Champion leagues season and your club is playing in the finals. You have prayed. You have calculated. You have entered...
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OUTSPOKEN: Seven Reasons You Should Thank A Feminist Today

If there is one thing in this world that makes me want to chew my own face off, it is women who think that...
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Hilarious Video: 3 Survival Tips For Nigeria

In the new edition of Ndani TV’s Just Say It, vlogger Ngee tells us about her 3 survival tips for Nigeria. Watch the hilarious...
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18 Things Women Need To Stop Doing To Each Other

Seriously, we are on the same team. (And of course, not all women do these things.) Slut-shaming. Let women make their own decisions and stop...
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No More Machetes & Missiles, Political Thugs Now Use Laptops & Smart Phones?

Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani, a Nigerian writer and journalist recently wrote a piece about the digitalization of political thuggery for BBC. Here is an excerpt...
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The Seven Reasons I Had Sex

Some seemingly simple questions are often the hardest to answer, one of these is the ‘why do you have sex’ question. Many women say...
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Wana Udobang, Oreka Godis & Veronica Ebiewe Discuss Women & Body Image Issues

Women can be very self deprecating about their bodies. We all complain about something, from weight, bra size, to the look of our derriere....

Why It Is Necessary For Women To Carry “Vex Money” On Dates

In this edition of Ndani TV’s Just Say It, On Air Personality, Dami Elebe talks to women on why it is important to carry...

What The Church Needs To Understand About Divorce

  By Kristin Tennant Just about everyone has experienced the particular brand of awkward silence that follows an exchange like this: You meet someone, start...
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”I Am Not The Lucky Type” And 8 Other Things You Should Stop Saying Now

“If I Don’t Do It, It Can’t Be Done Well” This is one of the greatest mistakes we do make, we see it like...