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This May Be Why Mrs Olayiwola Does Not Have A Vagina

A certain Mr.  Olayiwola appeared before a Customary Court in Ogun State last week to ask that his marriage of three years be dissolved...
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6 Things Your Vaginal Discharge Is Trying To Tell You

Like most women with other things going on in your life, you probably don’t give your vaginal discharge much thought. As long as it looks...
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There Is No Shame In My Game, I Will Check A Man’s Phone Every Now And Then. Knowledge Is Power!

One of my good friends is a certified pro at investigating men. She meets a guy and goes to research him on social media,...
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15 (HOT) QUESTIONS: Joy Inyamu Akut, Author Of Kiss & Tell

Joy Inyamu Akut is the Author and publisher of iNyamu’s Eldorado, a blog site where she writes about life, the awesomeness of God, and...
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IT HAPPENED TO ME: Scammed By An Old School Mate While Planning A Reunion Party

It had been more than 15years since we last saw one another. Thanks to the social networking website – Facebook, we got reconnected. We...
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Mo Abudu’s Powerful Advice To Women Entreprenuers

Mo Abudu,  founder of Ebony Life TV, was recently interviewed by Mfonobong Nsehe, for Forbes Africa’s Most Successful Women. Here is her response to the...
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#OUTSPOKEN: We All Shall Not Be Wives And Mothers. This Is Not A Curse

There comes a time in the life of a Nigerian girl, that it is expected of her to have this singular purpose distilled in...
Buddy Flier
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Interested in Being a Distributor and Reseller For Buddy Smoothies in Nigeria?

100% fruit smoothies are currently one of the fastest growing sectors in the food and beverage industries; in Europe, United States and Latin America....
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‘Life Planning, Goal Setting, Visionary Thinking’ – Attend The April Edition Of The Ladies Lunch Series

Come and network with fabulous ladies, make great contacts, build brilliant business relationships, gain amazing support and do more business at the Ladies Lunch...
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For Men: How To Say Sorry And Make It Mean Something

Ever been in trouble with your wife or girlfriend? Of course you have. If you have known each other for any length of time...