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FIVE Lessons Women Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Tewa Onasanya, Publisher Of Exquisite Magazine

Tewa Onasanya is the Publisher of the Exquisite Magazine and creator of the Exquisite Magazine Walk Against Cancer and the annual ELOY Awards that...
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14 HOLLYWOOD Actresses with Nigerian Roots (Updated)

There are quite a number of Hollywood actresses who have Nigerian roots, with one or both parents or grandparents being Nigerian. Below are 14...
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My Husband Is My Boyfriend On Facebook, Whatsapp & BBM And He Does Not Know It!

Below is an Agony Mail sent to NaijaHousewife, what will you advise this woman to do? Dear NHW, I’m actually rolling on the floor laughing....
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Augustina Armstrong-Ogbonna Narrates Her 8-Hour Ordeal Trying To Save The Life Of A Man Lying Almost Dead On Ozumba Road

Waking up on the 17th of January 2015, I wouldn’t have believed if by premonition, I was told, I will save a soul and...
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I Hate Sex, I Do It As A Wifely Duty, Nothing Else!

I hate Sex! “I hate sex,” Lola bursted out. “I don’t enjoy it one bit and I’ve been married for 10 years. Frankly, I...
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There Is No Shame In My Game, I Will Check A Man’s Phone Every Now And Then. Knowledge Is Power!

One of my good friends is a certified pro at investigating men. She meets a guy and goes to research him on social media,...
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15 (HOT) QUESTIONS: Joy Inyamu Akut, Author Of Kiss & Tell

Joy Inyamu Akut is the Author and publisher of iNyamu’s Eldorado, a blog site where she writes about life, the awesomeness of God, and...
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IT HAPPENED TO ME: Scammed By An Old School Mate While Planning A Reunion Party

It had been more than 15years since we last saw one another. Thanks to the social networking website – Facebook, we got reconnected. We...
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FOUR Lessons Divorced Women Can Learn From Ibinabo Fiberesima

Ibinabo Fiberesima is a strong woman, she has what many divorced Nigerian women wish for – beautiful children, successful career, beautiful body, massive goodwill and...
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FOUR Lessons To Learn From Azuka Ogujiba’s Criticism of Toke

Recently, Azuka Ogujiba wrote on Toke Makinwa’s performance at the 2014 Headies Awards and she did not spare Toke at all. She seriously criticised...