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REAL WOMEN, REAL ISSUES: How Do I Handle My Double-Faced Line Manager?

My line manager has never complained about my work or my person to me before, not even once. She doesn’t commend me and she...
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Augustina Armstrong-Ogbonna Narrates Her 8-Hour Ordeal Trying To Save The Life Of A Man Lying Almost Dead On Ozumba Road

Waking up on the 17th of January 2015, I wouldn’t have believed if by premonition, I was told, I will save a soul and...
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Dear Lara, I Am Sorry He Finally Killed You And Your Little Angel

Lara will be buried on Friday.  It’s been a long week for me and I am still confused.  My somehow scheduled and organized life has gone...
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Wife Finds Out She Is The Side Chic!

I will not stop ranting about the evil that some men put women through! No, seriously some men are simply nothing but pure evil....
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Am I Chasing Him Away With My ‘Dumbness’?

I have been dating this guy for four months. He is two years older than I am and I met him at a friend’s...
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Ask Ada: I Feel Unfairly Judged By Everyone Around Me

Dear Coach Ada, I used to party and drink a lot and hang around a really negative group of girls. I started becoming a...
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Ask Ada: I Only Have Sex With My Husband, How Did I Get Gonorrhea?

Dear Coach Ada, My husband and I have been married for 2 years now. He’s the best husband anyone can think of, we both...
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Ask Ada: He Cheated With His Co-worker, Now He Wants My Forgiveness

Dear Coach Ada, My boyfriend cheated on me two years ago with one of his co-workers.  I found out from one of my close...
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Ask Ada: I’m Trying To Stick With My Dreams But It Is So Hard!

Dear Coach Ada, I am starting a new career path but I’m not sure if it is the right decision. I got my B.S....
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She Is Her Mother But She Can’t Keep Her Secret.

  Question By Missy K – I was raped at gunpoint by an unknown man in the parking lot of a shopping mall about...