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Mother Flees Home With 5 Year-Old Daughter To Avoid Circumcision Rites By An Ekiti Royal Family

It is so sad that despite the massive information out there about the terrible effects of Female Genital Mutilation,  some families in Nigeria still...
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Parenting Advice You Should & Shouldn’t Follow

There was a time, not so long ago, when bottle feeding your baby and letting them “cry it out” was practically a patriotic duty....
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What I Learned From My Fairytale Marriage

  It was my wedding day. Femi was my prince charming and I was his princess. I had dreamed of this day since I...
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18 Things Women Need To Stop Doing To Each Other

Seriously, we are on the same team. (And of course, not all women do these things.) Slut-shaming. Let women make their own decisions and stop...
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Am I Chasing Him Away With My ‘Dumbness’?

I have been dating this guy for four months. He is two years older than I am and I met him at a friend’s...
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Why I Married My Abuser

  My ex-husband was the most romantic person I’ve ever met. He also hit me on the day we got married, while I was wearing...

Ask Ada: I Feel Unfairly Judged By Everyone Around Me

Dear Coach Ada, I used to party and drink a lot and hang around a really negative group of girls. I started becoming a...
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Ask Ada: I Only Have Sex With My Husband, How Did I Get Gonorrhea?

Dear Coach Ada, My husband and I have been married for 2 years now. He’s the best husband anyone can think of, we both...
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Ask Ada: He Cheated With His Co-worker, Now He Wants My Forgiveness

Dear Coach Ada, My boyfriend cheated on me two years ago with one of his co-workers.  I found out from one of my close...
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Ask Ada: I’m Trying To Stick With My Dreams But It Is So Hard!

Dear Coach Ada, I am starting a new career path but I’m not sure if it is the right decision. I got my B.S....