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I Was A Bully, Now I Feel So Guilty!

  By Remi Oyeyemi (Fiction) The phone beeped for the umpteenth time and I wanted to scream! I had a mountain of paper work...
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Check That Bulb Girl!

If you’re like me the sheer magnitude of what your future represents keeps you awake at night. You toss and turn wondering how to...
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Are You Blooming Late? You’re Not Slow, You’re Just You!

Click To Like Femme Lounge On Facebook Sade had just had an afternoon on the town with her girlfriends. She loved them to bits...
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On The Brink: When Nothing Makes Sense.

Fiction: I swipe the alarm clock off the bedside stand and groan, stretching lazily. I’m not excited to wake up this morning. Don’t get...