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  1. Hello, you guys are doing a great job with the amazing articles churned out all the time which i always find helpful if not something i can always relate to, some of these articles speak directly to me.
    However, i have a suggestion which may sound crazy. Since there are support groups for rape victims, domestic abuse victims, etc, i seriously think there should be a support group for women whose husbands have cheated on or are still cheating on. The experience of the betrayal cuts through your heart like a cold knife everytime you remember, i always think about it but i need to move on with my life and assume nothing as such happened so we can have our happy home back. I need help. Thanks.

  2. Hello Kemi, thats a cool suggestion. women who are victims of infidelity shld hv a safe haven where they can be encouraged and given tips on how to cope with their situation. I feel, these can come in the form of stories without the real names of the victims and questions can be thrown out for ppl to contribute.

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