How To Build A Side Hustle While Keeping Your Day Job In Nigeria



About The E-Book

Gone are the days when people rush to quit their day jobs because of a business idea that has not even been tested. These days, increasing number of people are enjoying the best of both worlds – having a regular pay check from their day jobs, while doing a side hustle they love and make additional income from.

In a country like Nigeria especially where salaries are generally low and sometimes owed, and job security is not even guaranteed, it has become important to have income from multiple different sources. When you have a side hustle bringing in money, you’re no longer totally dependent on a single employer. You will do what you love, learn new skills and make money, all while still earning salary from your day job. You will feel better about yourself and have more confidence about your future.

It sounds all nice and enticing right? Yes, but it also involves a lot of hard work and planning. This E-book has been put together by women who have successfully managed side hustles while maintaining their day jobs, it will guide you to start and build a successful side hustle.

About The Author

This E-book is published by Woman.NG and written by a group of women writers who pull their knowledge and experiences together to create educative, concise and straight to the point eBooks. 10% of profits made from sales of all eBooks will go into helping Nigerian women in impoverished communities start sustainable micro businesses.



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