Write For Femme Lounge


One of our favorite quotes is a line from Emeli Sande’s Read All About It; “If you’ve got the heart of a lion why let your voice be tamed?” This inspires us to do Femme Lounge, an online magazine that develops, curate and aggregate content for Nigerian women.

We publish Nigerian women’s take on about everything. From conceiving a child to burying an old loved one and every life experience in between them.

Nigerian Women who are not afraid to be heard will voice their opinions, raise issues, lead debates and offer advice on Femme Lounge.

We love articles that are fun, creative, insightful, useful, entertaining and of course with a bias for women. Here are few things you need to know if you are interested in writing for us;

We are looking for 7 co-bloggers who will like to share their opinions, knowledge, and experiences with other women on Femme Lounge. As a co-blogger you will have a blog on Femme Lounge and write one article every week on your preferred subject.

Outspoken Writers
If you want to write for us but can’t keep up with writing weekly then why not join our outspoken series. Here you can send in articles on topics you have a strong opinion about as often as you like.

If you have a question, news, stories, life experiences, advice, how-tos or previously published articles that you will also love to share, you are also welcome to contribute to Femme Lounge.

1.Short articles (not more than 700 words). Longer articles may be serialised
2. Articles will be edited for clarity and length if need be
3. Your name, your bio, and links to your blog/website will be on the article.
4. This is on a volunteer basis

If you are interested please send in your articles or blog ideas as a word document to info@femmelounge.org

{Please allow up to two (2) weeks for the review of your submission}